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Women are busier than ever these days, and many give too much of themselves. When we are consumed by the demands of family, work or business there is often little time left for ourselves. Along the way we can lose our joy and self-care seems as elusive as the mythical unicorn. Guilt often prevents us from putting ourselves first, and it seems too overwhelming to find the energy to fit in nourishing practices. That's where The Self Love Project can help. We will guide you to take back your power and find your happiness. Ditch your guilt, build your self confidence and thrive.

Meet your coach.

Coach and Founder of the Self Love Project

Ali Williams

Ali is a coach and mentor to women who are ready to break through the traumas and adversities that have impacted their lives. After experiencing trauma at the young age of 16 after losing both her Mother and Grandmother to Breast Cancer, Ali was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer in her mid 40's. As a survivor she went on to write a blog about her journey at Raw and Completely Beautiful, studied a Diploma of Psychology and a Life Coaching certificate and also founded The Self Love Project. Ali now helps other women all over the world who are ready to give themselves permission to prioritise their wellbeing and healing to transform their own lives .